Are you looking for an easy way to identify your best customers and find more just like them? The TargetingHub allows you to simply upload your customer database, identify key insights allowing you to leverage your data to become a smart marketer. 


With over 100 campaigns ready to deploy our system makes you a marketing Rock Star. Quickly identify your best customer with our dynamic campaign planning tool. Then activate your campaign across multiple channels to find more of your target customers. It's that easy. 


Reporting and measurement is key. You are one click away from smart analytics. The TargetingHub measures campaigns to ensure you are spending the right amount of money in the right channel at the right time maximizing your conversion rate and ROI. 

You have a lot of data and need an easy way to leverage that data.


The TargetingHub helps you do just this. This one sophisticated but simple platform allows you to simply upload your past guest list from an easy to navigate dashboard. You can identify key insights and attributes of your past most profitable guests. Then quickly deploy smart campaigns to help you find more like prospects as well as speak to your past customers in a more relevant way. You're a next generation marketer!

  • The TargetingHub allows you to use big data in a smart way!
  • From set up to deployment, our team handles it all. 
  • It saves you time, one simple system to turn big data into action with a click of the mouse. 
  • It saves you money, by measuring every campaign ensuring you invest in the campaigns that generate the best ROI. 
  • It improves conversion, your advertising message is only being delivered to a targeted audience with relevant messaging.

Watch the video below to see how the TargetingHub could work for you.